Lesley Holot — Director of Clinical Research

Lesley Holot, Clinical Research Director, is a graduate of Allegheny College with a Bachelor of Science in Biology. Lesley, a native of Western Pennsylvania, joined AIO in 2012 after working in academia. Prior to joining Associates in Ophthalmology her focus was in the science behind vision disorders, working on initial studies and developing treatment protocols that formed some of the industry standards that are in use today. She has published numerous articles on her clinical research studies and likes to see the transition of her early work into FDA-approved medicines and protocols.

Lesley not only manages the Clinical Research Department at AIO, she also directs Quality Improvement. Her extensive knowledge and understanding of processes are used to maximize the efficiency of our practice. Notably, Lesley is a Certified Clinical Research Coordinator through the Association of Clinical Research Professionals.

A few of Lesley’s hobbies include cooking, sewing and spending time with her cats.