Coordinated Eye Care

Coordinated eye care is the delivery of vision care that involves both the local primary eye care provider (YOU) and a regional secondary specialist (AIO). We know you are very selective in the specialists/surgeons you recommend for your patients. As a primary eye care provider, you can recommend surgical and medical intervention, refer patients to a specialist and continue to manage the recovery after their procedure.

You demand experts who provide the highest level of advanced technology, expertise, and care for your patients. Your patients can benefit from the combined efforts of doctors working in harmony on their behalf, while not having to travel any more than necessary. Not only does AIO have multiple convenient locations, but we also provide transportation for patients at no charge.

Your role as a primary care provider includes selecting, informing, educating and counseling your patients on any medical or surgical treatment. Most importantly, with AIO, you continue to monitor your patients post-operative vision needs, including continued eye health assessments.

Personalized Treatment

Together with AIO, you are ensured a personalized approach for every patient. Each patient will meet the surgeon during a consultation prior to surgery or medical treatment and be given the opportunity to have all questions answered fully. This will allow you and the AIO surgeon to create a personalized treatment plan for your patient.

The Team Approach

AIO has expertise in the full spectrum of specialized surgical and medical eye care, including diagnoses, procedures and technology. We provide the very best services in cataracts, glaucoma, vitreo- retina, lid surgery and refractive procedures. Our team of physicians and support staff are committed to providing personalized patient care, advanced technology and excellent surgical results for your patients

Optometric Co-Managing Tools