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Sight is one of our most valued senses. You need trusted eye care professionals using the latest and best technology to help you restore, improve and maintain your eyesight. Many things can affect your vision – injury, disease, aging, lifestyle, family history, diet and allergies – some of these you can control, others you cannot. But, no matter what the cause of your vision problem you can do something about it. And when you decide to take that step, you deserve to see the best ophthalmologists in the region at Associates In Ophthalmology (AIO). Pittsburgh’s most advanced eye care and eye surgery center. Read More >>

Why Choose Us?

At AIO, we have provided our patients and their families with excellent eye health care for over 100 years. Our focus hasn’t changed over time: it is still on you, our patient.

Excellence in Patient Care

We provide the highest levels of service, expertise and clinical knowledge in ophthalmology to create a patient-centered approach to your vision care.


Our ophthalmologists are highly trained in the diagnosis and treatment of chronic and acute eye diseases and are committed to long-term continuing education.

Advanced Technology

We are equipped with the latest technology to assess your vision health, diagnose, treat and even help prevent eye diseases.

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Patients receive friendly and professional eye care treatment at all AIO convenient locations:

Butler, Irwin, Kittanning, Meadville, Monroeville, Uniontown, West Mifflin, and Wheeling.